Living Room/Bed Room(s)

Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Blinds, Windows, Window Sills, Light Organizing, Dusting of Furniture, Changing Bed Linen, Base Boards, Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop

Kitchen/ Dining Room

Outside Cabinets, Outside Kitchen Appliances, Inside Microwave, Stove Top, Counter Top, Inside Kitchen Sink, Inside Oven, Inside Refridgerator, Sweep, and Mop


Bathroom Mirror, Sink, Vanity, Tub, Shower, Shower Door, Shower Wall, Tile, Toilet, Sweep and Mop

"Star Quality Cleaning Service"


Looking for a competent and reliable cleaning company?  We are here at your service on time every time! Our professionally trained staff and environmentally friendly service techniques have made us a local favorite throughout the city of Metro-Atlanta Georgia. No need to apologize for not having time that's what we are here for! We do the work so that you don't have to. We come equipped with our own cleaning tools, products and supplies that will leave your home looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Our Company  offers a range of house cleaning services for residential apartments, houses, condos, lofts, move ins, and move outs. We offer One-time, Bi-weekly, or Monthly cleaning appointments. By having your home cleaned on a regular basis you allow us to stay on top of sanitation, dusting, pet dander, dust mites, pollen and dirt leaving you feeling happier, healthier and stress free with out you having to lift a finger. We provide cleaning for clients who have guest coming into town, single family home, multi family homes, senior citizens, real estate agents, business professionals, travelers, for clients that do not have time to clean, and for clients that just do not feel like cleaning up their self. House cleaning is a very private matter so there is no need to feel ashamed. Always remember that with out "U" there is no "US". Take advantage of our special offer for prices are subject to change. We take pride in all of our work & customer service is our #1 priority.   


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